Last year I bought a GrandStream GP2170 and accidentally added in extra power supply in my purchase list. I was quite surprised to see the additional power supply in the package I received some days later and decided to keep it as a spare just in case…​

And yesterday was the day! I had a lot of phone calls to make, I sat in front of my desk and…​ the IP phone wouldn’t turn on. I unplugged it and tried it on another electrical outlet, nothing happened. For a few seconds I hoped the issue was coming from the power supply and not from the IP phone itself! I took the spare from my hardware storage, tested it and the phone came back to life!

I used to only prioritize hard-drives and some network devices. As a result, the IP phone power supply got bumped up on my hardware spare check-list.

This is a good reminder: it’s a good thing to re-evaluate check-lists after a while in order to avoid work-blocking issues. :)